Colours of Sunset Sky by the Váh River

Váh River rises in the Tatra Mountains in northern Slovakia. It has two sources. The main stream, Čierny Váh (means Black Váh) rises in the Low Tatra Mountains. The second stream, the Biely Váh (White Váh) originates in the High Tatras. These two streams meet near the village of Králova Lehota to become the source of a river of a new name – the Váh. This is the longest river within Slovakia.

Váh River joins Danube River in southwest of Slovakia, on the Danubian Flat at the small city of Komárno. A few kilometers northwestwards there is a winding shaped lake, Konkoli. The lake was created when the former watercourse of the Váh River was diverted. These former banks of the river created a peaceful natural environment. These landscape photos reflects the amazing sunset and twilight at the lake.

A Variety of Sunset Sky Colours

Landscape picture of beautiful sunset at Lake Konkoli situated next to Váh River
Nature photography of the sunset and the sky reflected on the water surface of Lake Konkoli


Twilight colors and Moon reflected in the meander shaped lake
In winter the full moon rises higher in the sky compared to full moon in summer


Nature photo of sunset at Lake Konkoli
The lake is situated near the village of Kameničná


Landscape picture of meander shaped Lake Konkoli situated next to Váh River
Meander shaped Lake Konkoli lies right next to Váh River


Colours of Sunset Sky by the Váh River – Gallery

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