Donovaly, Slovakia – a popular paragliding site

When reviewing the most wonderful places in Slovakia, Donovaly is definitely worth to take a look at. Donovaly is a holiday and ski resort located in the mountain pass between the mountain ranges of Great Fatra (Veľká Fatra) and Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry), in the Western Carpathian Mountains. Peak Nová Hola, which is situated right above the Donovaly pass, is a famous paragliding spot with an excellent cross country potential. The following pictures will give you an insight to the wonders of this spot from paragliding view.

High Altitude View of the Donovaly Paragliding Launch Site

Paragliding in Slovakia Donovaly. Paragliding panorama of the launch site Donovaly - Nová Hola.
Paragliding panorama of the launch site Donovaly – Nová Hola. The launch site is on the top of the mountain beside the cable car station. Holiday resort Donovaly is down in the valley. A sailplane is thermalling some hundred meters below.


Paragliding in Slovakia Donovaly. Enjoying the same updraft with a fellow paraglider pilot above peak Zvolen.
Enjoying the same updraft of heated air with a fellow paraglider pilot above the peak Zvolen


Aerial photo of Donovaly
After gaining altitude in a thermal above the launch site, it’s time to leave Donovaly


An asymmetric collapse occasionally happens. The glider quickly recovers its shape.

Aerial View of Donovaly and the Low Tatra Mountains

A bird's eye view of the Low Tatra mountains from above the Donovaly paragliding launch site
Northeastern panorama: the Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry)

Flying north

Aerial image of the Great Fatras and the Low Tatra mountains
The lower portion of the Revúcka valley has a south-north orientation. The Great Fatra mountains are westward above the valley (on the left); the Low Tatras are eastward (on the right).


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