Donovaly – Aerial Panorama

Take a tour to these peaks, if you come to Donovaly, Slovakia. The sight that welcomes you will be unforgottable. Now you can check the Donovaly panorama from above on our photoblog.


Donovaly panorama
Peak Zvolen and some gorgeous mountain ridges in Great Fatra (Velká Fatra) mountain range

Donovaly panorama: southwestern view

Slovakia Donovaly panorama paragliding
Peak Nová Hola is in the forefront. The holiday resort Donovaly is situated down in the valley. The village is surrounded by the Great Fatra and the Low Tatra mountain ranges.

Northern view

Slovensko Donovaly panorama paragliding
Donovaly, Nová Hola paragliding site. In the winter, it is also a famous sky resort.

Eastern view

Paragliding Donovaly panorama
Eastern panorama: the Low Tatra (Nízke Tatry) mountain range


Paragliding Donovaly panorama
Holiday resort Donovaly. The air is very humid, which is not the best condition for cross country flying.

Northwestern view

Paragliding Slovakia Donovaly panorama

Southern view

Donovaly panorama
Cumulus clouds form above Donovaly


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