Hide and seek with the sun in cumulus mediocris clouds

Cumulus mediocris clouds are impressive formations with some vertical enlargement. They often have a cauliflower-like appearance and protuberances may form on their top. When convective clouds of this pattern appear it is usually great time to fly. Check some close up photos of cumulus clouds.

Convective Clouds above the Gerecse Hills in Hungary

Paragliding in cauliflower shaped clouds
Paragliding between gorgeous cauliflower-shaped clouds is great fun


Cumulus mediocris clouds form above northwestern Hungary
Cumulus mediocris clouds form above northwestern Hungary


Paragliding between puffy clouds
Being surrounded by puffy clouds is a coign of vantage when cross country paragliding


Aerial photography of convective clouds
Aerial photo of convective clouds


Aerial photo of puffy clouds
Flying right into a puffy cloud

Inside a Cumulus Mediocris Cloud

Paragliding in a cumulus mediocris cloud
Sometimes, if there are strong lifts under convective clouds, it is not easy to avoid being sucked into them


Paragliding in a cumulus cloud
Hidden from the sun within a cumulus cloud


Cumulus mediocris clouds – Gallery

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